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From: "Ronald K. Fortaleza, Jr."
Subject: HONEYMOON IN HAWAII-PART 6Ladies and gentlemen, I have returned with the latest chapter of Honeymoon
in Hawaii. If you are new here, let me go over the rules: if you are
underage, live where it is unlawful to read this type of story, or just
find the notion of two young women married to each other offensive, then
please do us a favor and leave for your own sakes and good. This chapter
and future chapters will deal with incestuous relationships. Naturally,
incest is morally, legally and aesthectically Lolita Toplist Galleries wrong in the real world,
please do not, I mean, DO NOT try any of the things you are about to read
here at home for your own sakes and good. Any further questions? If not,
then let's continue where we left off, shall we?HONEYMOON IN HAWAII-PART 6by KeithMonday morning had come around on the islands and Hanalei was no
exception. In their own cabin, Seanne awoke with a very nasty hangover from
her drinking with the surfer girls last night, and she could feel it. She
had a massive headache, followed by bouts of vomiting which served her
right in her wife's eyes.While in the restroom, vomiting away, Carley could only gloat and smirk in
seeing her lady husband suffer for her and Ianne's night of nocturnal
drinking as she sat on the bed overhearing Seanne regurgitate into the
toilet."Serves you right, doesn't it, Seanne?", Carley said to her lady husband
with a satisfactory grin as she reveled in Seanne's hangover."Oh God! Please Carley! I'm sorry for me and Ianne getting drunk on you two
last night. We'll never do it again. I promise!"She puked a few more times until Carley got up off of the bed and walked
into the bathroom where Seanne was throwing up, got on her knees, and
attempted to massage her lady Lolita Toplist Galleries husband's back, gently rubbing and caressing
her right hand slowly and sensually in an up and down motion until she was
just within inches of her lady husband's buttocks' crack. Seanne was half
through her puking when she felt Carley's hand softly massage her lower
back area."That's it, Seanne. Let it out, let it all out. Let those fermented
impurities out of your preciously beautiful body, my lady husband", Carley
said to Seanne who had taken on a surprisingly forgiving tone with her.It was not much longer now until Seanne had finished vomiting into the
toilet. She was exhausted and dehydrated from all that puking as she weakly
turned to look at Carley who managed to hide her snide demeanor so that she
could tell her of what she had in mind."You in the mood for a little lomi-lomi, my lady husband?""What's that?""It's a little local variation of a massage, Seanne."Seanne attempted to speak, but Carley took her up from the floor by the
hand and led her outside.
Ianne was having the same amount of trouble, but only it was Meredith who
really let her have it. She received a scolding of a lifetime from her wife
as Meredith berated her for allowing herself to get drunk with a couple of
strange young women with D'Lynne and Devone last night. Meredith stood on
her feet the whole time with her arms crossed as she glowered down upon her
two timing lady husband, but smiling all the while."It should serve you right all the same, Davide Ianne Anspaugh, but I will
not let you suffer any more than you already have to. By suffering from a
hangover, this should help you impart into you a lesson you and Seanne will
never, ever forget, I hope."Ianne looked up at her wife long enough to reply, "I know, honey, and I'm
sorry. We're both sorry for getting drunk on you last night without
inviting you.""Inviting us? Why young lady you have some nerve, thinking that you two
were going to take us out drinking and getting it on with a couple of
surfer girls. However, it won't work. We are on our honeymoon. We can
understand that if a couple of young ladies such as yourself want to give
you both blow jobs, I will have no objection, but just as l said, we object
to you both getting drunk with them.""I know, Meredith dearest and we're sorry, if you could only take me back
into your heart.""Well, maybe you can start by getting showered and dressed because I want
to go sight-seeing on the island, to check out the town of Hanalei and the
Princeville Hotel resort if you are so inclined."With that said, Ianne got into the shower and bathed herself all over her
naked body dreaming about the encounter she and Seanne had with Kieranne
and Kimiko at the North Shore yesterday afternoon. She moaned as she
lathered up her hair and body with all the soap as Meredith awaited her
turn to get into the shower.Meanwhile, outside on the deck near the pool, Carley was giving Seanne a
massage of a lifetime. Both were completely naked as Carley proceeded to
rub down Seanne's back as she laid down on a mat provided for them by the
management."It feels so good, Carley", was what Seanne said to Carley as she
luxuriated in her wife's manual caressing and seduction, paying special
attention Lolita Toplist Galleries
to her buttocks area that was constantly being rubbed spherically
and cupped, even pinched like a loaf of dough that was about to turn into a
piece of bread. Seanne moaned softly, relaxing with her eyes closed as she
lay on her stomach as she took in the lomilomi.The Anspaughs were already on their way to the lobby office of the resort
when they stopped to spot the naked Seanne and Carley on their feet and on
their way to the outdoor shower."We're going into town to check out the Princeville. We'll be gone for a
little bit", said Meredith who was dressed in a white peasant shirt with
pair of jeans and sport sandals while Ianne was dressed in a light blue
washed oxford shirt with rolled sleeves over a pair of olive drab cargo
pants and sneakers. She was carrying their honeymoon spending cash in her
mother's purse when she said to them, "have fun, you two", before they
headed off.The Anspaughs would be alone together at last as they held each other's
hands and escorted each other to the outdoor shower, but then an epiphany
arrived to Carley."Say Seanne, why don't we take a skinny dip into the waves outside the pool
area. They said that the beach was nearby," and she was right. The private
beach was just only a few feet away that included a protected natural cove
area for them to nude swim in without any danger of being washed out to
sea. Seanne took Carley by the hand as they headed their way to the private
cove area of the resort.
In the back office of the main lobby building, Aliah reclined on her chair
behind her desk as she talked into the phone with an important client who
was making reservations to stay here at Hanalei Gardens."Yes, Ms. Honeycutt, we have an outdoor pool complete with a shower
adjacent to it and all the amenities you could ever want and hope for. My
daughter.......ah...ooh...ooohhhhhh...ahhh", she gasped as she arched her
back from her swivel chair as she felt the pleasureable sensations of being
fellated, "my daughter is part of the caring and well trained staff I have
here at Hanalei. Lolita Toplist Galleries
They will satisfy your every need, wish and
desire........ooh....oohhhh............".Aliah concluded her phone call with the important client as she reached the
orgasm of her morning. She reclined back on her chair as she closed her
eyes to savor the sweetest release she knew she wanted. She moaned and
purred, licking her lips and relaxing back on her swivel chair, taking in
the moment. The Anspaughs had just arrived at the front desk to see Aliah
stare at them from behind her desk."We're going to Hanalei for a little while, we'll be back by this
afternoon", Ianne told the proprietress as her beloved daughter poked her
head from between her mother's legs."Why Alani, I didn't know you gave such great head to your mother. Besides,
my mother knows how to blow me, even before I married Seanne and Meredith,
she used to mouth fuck me for hours and hours and......""My darling daughter does know how to fellate like a hooker. Would you mind
it terribly if she gave you her special oral Lolita Toplist Galleries treatment when you two get
back? I'll make sure she's available.""No, no I mind it not, Ms. Alihi," said Meredith to the proprietress whose
daughter was now looking straight at Ianne with a lustful tinge in her eyes
as she licked and kissed her moistened fingers from her mother's hidden
magical penis she had finished sucking on."There is a row of curio shops and eateries in Hanalei and at the
Princeville Resort if you plan on having lunch there.""Thanks. We'll take that in advisement."They turned to walk out of the lobby building just as Alani had resumed
blowing her sweet mother-employer into blissful high heaven.
The Bowens were already out into the cove, in about 5 feet of water when
they began hugging and kissing each other, making all sorts of noises, in
the throes of deep marital passion. Their lovemaking would continue
uninterrupted even as the Cabots, who were dressed in their black colored
bathing suits enjoyed a swim nearby.Laura Cabot was in a black tanksuit while Davide was in a two piece bikini,
colored black as well. The female couple on their second honeymoon held
each other in each other's arms as they swam amidst a shoal of tropical
fish called blue tang and moorish idols. They stopped for a moment as they
floated in only 6 feet of water as they held onto each other and engaged in
an embracing session that would soon send them into the heights of orgasmic
bliss.The Cabots, being two years apart, were married in the summer of 1994 when
Davide had graduated from San Sebastian High. They were meant for each
other, despite being disapproved by Davide's parents who didn't want their
only child to marry Lolita Toplist Galleries a Lolita Toplist Galleries woman. They also objected Lolita Toplist Galleries to their daughter having
them refer to her and call Lolita Toplist Galleries her Davide instead of her given female name of
Danielle which she hated it very, very much. Laura's mother, Bevanne,
arranged for the secret wedding between her daughter Lolita Toplist Galleries and Davide and the
result has been the latter half of the 90's being wedded bliss coming into
the new century.They held onto each other, wrapping their arms around each other with their
swimsuits on as they squeezed and dry humped each other to a shuttering Lolita Toplist Galleries and
quavering climax that sent them into a state of maoning and groaning. Their
region wide sexual odyssey was not over yet as they made it back to shore
and proceeded to chase each other down on the sand where they rolled into
it some more, hugging and kissing each other as if newlywed, even as the
Bowens were in their throes of passion as they were glimpsed by the Cabots
before turning to stare into each other's eyes.This was a scene right out of "From Here to Eternity", the classic Burt
Lanchaster and Deborah Carr movie from the 50's.Their bodies caked with drying sand, the Cabots looked deeply and
thoughtfully into each other's eyes as they Lolita Toplist Galleries exchanged the words to each
other they so wanted to hear."I love you so very, very much, Mrs. Cabot", said Laura to Davide who was
lying down on the sand as Laura held onto her wife in her arms, looking
down into her eyes."I love you, too, Miss Cabot", said Davide to her lady woman who was atop
and on her. They kissed passionately and embraced each other......Even as the Bowens were in the convulsions of their third major orgasm
together, their second as a married couple, as they held on to each other
as they climaxed, moaning loudly all across the private cove, much to the
delight of the Cabots who watched them from shore. The Bowens made their
way back to the sand, standing up to walk the rest of the way out of the
water and to the surprise of the Cabots as Seanne's magical penis was seen
dangling flaccidly between her curvaceous thighs!"Oh my God, Laura, would you look at the dick Seanne has on her person?""Holy shit", replied Laura as she stared back at Seanne, keeping her eyes
on her magic cock, taking not an eye off of her crotch. The Bowens
approached the Cabots who were still laying on the sand just a few feet
from the cove, stark naked and wet, holding hands all the while."Would you two like to take an outdoor shower with us by the pool?", was
what Carley said to the Cabots.Laura and Davide were stunned silent as they looked at them, then to each
other, and back at them before giving them their reply."Sure, provided that you wear a condom on that freak thing you call a
Gynerect cock when you fuck me and Davide", said Laura to the Bowens that
surprised even Davide."That's feasible", said Seanne as they took the Cabots by the hand as made
their way back to the resort.The resort town of Hanalei rested comfortably by the circular Hanalei Bay
in the north of Kauai as the Anspaughs made their way into every boutique
the town had to offer before stopping at the local burger joint for
lunch. At the burger joint, the newlywed couple noticed a group of about
12-13 women ride by. They were riding their Harley Davidson's choppers and
cycles, all dressed in black leather chaps, helmets, and cropped
t-shirts. They were a mixture of native born Hawaiian with an Oriental or
two and a few native born white women in the group for good measure. They
chugged their expensive motorcycles past the outdoor restaurant as they
made their way down the main street towards the highway that would take the
procession half way around the island.They were tattooed in the native Hawaiian tradition, adorned with ancient
Polynesian symbols as well as representations of profiled boar's heads with
jaws agape as if ready to pounce on any unsuspecting prey!The leader of the club was a tall and lanky Chinese-Hawaiian who was a
superficial resemblance to the owner of the Hanalei Gardens Buffalo Ranch
they visited yesterday, but much younger and more aggressive looking with
the well tanned and toned muscular body to prove it by showing it off. They
all wore protective sunglasses as they kept their eyes on the road but not
before Meredith caught a glimpse of the motorcycle club's insignia-logo on
one of the vests that was embroidered on back.As the club rode off down onto the highway, the young male waiter
approached the Anspaughs ready to present them with the check."Why those ladies are the Koa Wahine. The Warrior Women Motorcycle Club
that operates out of Honolulu. They'll be goin' t' Sturgis, South Dakota
for the annual biker ralley there later this summer. Y' don't ever wanna
mess with these women. They say they can be mighty mean when they're
crossed or when their bikes get messed up.""Interesting", said Ianne to the waiter who was about to take their dishes
away from them to be washed.
Meanwhile, back at the resort, the Bowens and Cabots were already well into
their double coupling in the outdoor shower as the foursome were completely
stark naked with Seanne wearing a condom over her magic penis. Seanne was
fucking Laura while she had her legs around her Lolita Toplist Galleries
while she stood up as
Carley was down on her knees sucking on Davide's pussy with Davide's hands
atop her wet hair, caressing and caressing, with her head held up high,
while being drenched in cool water and with the soap lather rinsed off from
their wonderful bodies. They moaned and continued their loveplay well into
the early afternoon.This would not be over as of yet. Not by a long shot.TO BE CONTINUEDIf you have any questions, you know where to reach me at
stonefeethotrmail.com. and robin h and charlotte xxx, if you get a chance
to read this latest chapter, please contact and tell me what you think.keith over and out and bye for now!
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